Shearflo KR-150 Regulator Valves

Pacseal Hydraulics, Inc.

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Currently available installation drawings are indicated in blue. Click on link to download
Models not listed in the table below are non-standard, consult factory for availability.
Part # Model Number Ports Operator
 40-1698  KR-150N5DM NPT Manual
 40-1693  KR-150N5DFSA NPT FailSafe Air
 40-2127  KR-150N3LFSA NPT FailSafe Air
 40-1690  KR-150N5DFSH NPT FailSafe Hydraulic
 40-1699  KR-150N5PH NPT Hydraulic Pilot
 40-1922  KR-150N5DA NPT Air Diaphragm

KR-150 Expected Deadband

KR-150 Nominal Deadband

Model Deadband
L   85-150 psi
E 150-250 psi
D 150-250 psi
H   85-150 psi
P     0-100 psi