KR-38 Hydraulic Pressure Regulators

Pacseal Hydraulics, Inc.

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Currently available installation drawings are indicated in blue. Click on link to download
Models not listed in the table below are non-standard, consult factory for availability.
Part # Model Number Ports Operator
 40-1573  KR-38N5HM NPT Manual
 40-2399  KR-38S3HM-4P SAE Manual
 40-2451  KR-38S5HM SAE Manual
 40-2488  KR-38S3EM-4P SAE Manual
 40-2561  KR-38N5EM NPT Manual
 40-1715  KR-38N5HFSA NPT Failsafe Air
 40-1822  KR-38N5HFSH NPT FailSafe Hydraulic

KR-38 Nominal Deadband

Model Deadband
E 70-150 psi
H 70-165 psi
V 70-165 psi
P 0-100psi