KR Internal Over-Ride Bypass Operator

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KR Internal Over-Ride Bypass Operator*

The I/O Bypass operator allows full accumulator pressure to be supplied downstream of the regulator without a dedicated 4-way bypass valve in the circuit. The over-ride bypass is accomplished by applying a pilot signal to the I/O operator which is equal to or greater than the accumulator pressure. The pilot pressure forces the piston/ seal container assembly to the full open position where supply pressure flows through the regulator to the output circuit. Releaving the pilot signal allows the regulator to return to the original set pressure.


*Patent Pending

Currently available installation drawings are indicated in blue. Click on link to download
Models not listed in the table below are non-standard, consult factory for availability.
Part # Model Description
 40-3147  Internal Override Remote Pilot Operation
 40-3463  Internal Override w/Manifold Mounted Pilot Valve
 40-3561  Internal Override Operator_SVx-25