ShearFlo SVS Subsea Control Valves

Pacseal Hydraulics, Inc.


SVS SubSea ROV Operable Valve

SVS series valves are rotary operated and designed for subsea service,

specifically ROV intervention applications.

They feature a load balanced rotor shaft which assures smooth

operation under all operating conditions.

There are three basic handle options (tee, paddle and straight), which

can be customized to meet special requirements.

Valves can be provided with alternate porting.


  • External seawater exposed (body,

    housings, shaft, fasteners and handle) 316 SS

  • Internal sealing components: 440C
  • Internal operator: carbon steel, bronze and 440C
  • Seals (o-rings and back-up rings): Nitrile and Teflon
This product line is special order only. Contact factory for availability.
  SVS-25 SVS-50 SVS-100 SVS-150
Cv .95 3.2 9.2 21.0
Rated Flow (gpm) 10 30 75 180
Working Pressure (psi) 3000/6000 3000/6000 3000/6000 3000
Ports (SAE) 1/4"(#4) 1/2"(#8) 1"(#16) 1-1/2"(#24)
Port Location Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom


Curently available installation drawings are indicated in blue. Click on link to download
Models in table below are by special order; contact factory for availability, as well as specific requirements.
Part # Model Number Rotor Flow Handle
40-2122 SVS-25-3A0SN All Blocked Straight
40-2170 SVS-25-3A0PN All Blocked Paddle
40-1949 SVS-25-6S1SN Selector Straight
40-1961 SVS-25-6M1SN Manipulator Straight
40-2529 SVS-50-6A1SN All-Blocked Square Drive
40-2911 SVS-50-3C5PN 6-Way Shutoff Paddle
40-2912 SVS-50-3C4PN 4-Way Shutoff Paddle
40-2913 SVS-50-3A2PN All Blocked Paddle
40-2928 SVS-50-3M3PN Manipulator Paddle
40-1959 SVS-100-6C2SN Shut-off Straight