Control Valve and Accumulator Manifolds

Pacseal Hydraulics, Inc.



Manifolds are used to consolidate components for singular fluid distribution, minimize labor, fittings and excess circuitry.

Control Valve Manifolds

Control valve manifold headers are designed for mounting multiple control valves, providing a common supply from a single pressure source. Ports are available for other accessories such as pressure gauges and bleed valves.

Conventional Tubing Manifolds are available in a wide variety of configurations to minimize space. They are available as carbon steel, with porting and spacing options as variables including gauge ports and materials.

Integral Manifolds are designed for specific requirements and may consolidate valves and regulators using a common hydraulic source.

Integral Manifold with Conventional Tubing

Fig-1. Conventional tubing manifold with inline ported control valve bodies and horizontal mounted cylinders

SV Integral Manifold with SVX Actuators

Fig-6. Integral Manifold
(USA Patent #9587454) with SVX Air or Hydraulic actuators on bypass and selector valves and subplate mounted manual regulator