Control Valve and Accumulator Manifolds

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Control Valve Manifolds

Control valve manifold headers are designed for mounting multiple control valves, providing a common supply from a single pressure source. Ports are available for other accessories such as pressure gauges and bleed valves.


SV-100 Headers

Part # No. of Ports Length (in) Weight (lbs)
40-0979 2 20.0 23
40-0431 3 40.4 47
40-0432 4 56.4 66
40-0433 5 72.4 85
40-0434 6 88.8 104
40-0435 7 104.4 122
40-0436 8 120.4 141

Integral Manifolds*:

  • SV-100 manual or SVX-100 actuated 4-way valves.
  • Featuring face mounted body ports with four bolt attachment for ease of maintenance.
  • Compact design allows for a 50% reduction of installed footprint.
  • Only one supply and return connection are required, giving considerable reduction

    in labor and material costs.

  • KR Regulator and Hi-Lo Bypass valve can be mounted directly on the left end,

    eliminating a separate installation.

  • Manifolds are supplied assembled and tested.

*USA Patent #9587454

Bulkhead fitting for control valve manifolds


Bulk Head Fitting:

Ports: 1" NPT
Working Pressure: 6000 psi
Material: Carbon Steel
Part Number: 40-2136

Connects control manifold piping through the skid frame to wellhead equipment. Using bulkhead fittings, control piping does not require welding or NDE which would otherwise be required by API 16D.