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Manufacturer of ShearFlo® Directional Control Valves and Pressure Regulators, Bladder Accumulators, Air Remote Controls and Transmitters

Main Section, BOP Component Illustration

PacSeal Hydraulics BOP Closing Unit with Products Hydraulic Bladder Accumulator KR Pressure Regulating Valves Air Remote Controls, KT 3600 Transmitter SV Directional Control Valves Micro Air Remote Control KR Pressure Regulating Valves Relief Valves and Check Valves ShearFlo Directional Control Valves ShearFlo Directional Control Valves Manifolds for accumulator skid assembly

Main Section, BOP Component Illustration

ShearFlo® SV Directional Control Valves

ShearFlo® KR Pressure Regulators

Control Valve Manifolds

Relief and Check Valves

Micro Remote Control Panel*


Air Cable Assembly

Cable sizes available in #6 through #24 with 3/8" and 1/4" tubes.

Shuttle Valve

Shuttle Valve allows for remote control from more than one panel.

KT-3600 Hydra-Pneumatic Transmitter

The KT-3600 converts a hydraulic pressure to a proportional air pressure signal which is read on a remote control panel

False Reading Receiver Gauges

Hydraulic Bladder Accumulators

Bladder Accumulators, 5 thru 15 gal.