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ShearFlo® Technology


Rotor and Rings Demonstrating the Lapping Action of the ShearFlo Valves


PacSeal® Hydraulics is a leader in metal-to-metal sealing technology, constantly improving and enhancing the standard product line through

test programs and research and development.

  • ShearFlo® sealing technology ensures high cycle life for critical

    service application even in contaminated fluids.

  • Hardened stainless steel sealing elements are lapped and

    polished to exacting standards of finish and flatness which

    produces a leak proof, contaminant resistant metal-to-metal seal.

  • The sealing elements are spring biased and pressure energized which maintains contact

    between the two sealing surfaces causing continuous lapping during use which

    eliminates small scratches.


ShearFlo Valves and Regulators