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rotor and seal rings

ShearFlo® Features

PacSeal Hydraulics is a leader in ShearFlo® metal-to-metal sealing technology, constantly improving and enhancing the standard product line through test programs and research and development. All PacSeal products are manufactured, inspected, assembled and tested in Southern California, USA.

ShearFlo® seal valves and regulators are specified and trusted in remote location applications, such as blow out preventer control systems and wellhead equipment control, where exposure to contaminated fluids is highly likely. The sealing technology used in PacSeal directional control valves and pressure regulators will stand the test of time and work when you need it the most. If downtime due to a failed valve is costly, then dependability and robustness is absolutely necessary.

  • ShearFlo® sealing technology ensures high cycle life for critical service applications with high pressure and high flow rate requirements.
  • Hardened stainless steel sealing elements are lapped and polished to exacting standards of finish and flatness to produce a virtually leak proof, contaminant resistant metal-to-metal seal.
  • The sealing elements are spring-preloaded and pressure-energized, which maintains constant contact between the two sealing surfaces to prevent contaminants from causing damage and leaks.
  • Movement between the sealing surfaces maintains the lapped, flat surface to ensure a long life that renews with use.
  • All ShearFlo® sealing components are inspected and factory acceptance tested to ensure reliable and zero leak performance.

ShearFlo® Operation (How It Works)

Valves and regulators share all the beneficial features of ShearFlo® technology and undergo the same phases for sealing high-pressure fluid: sealing around a port, transition and sealing on a blind face. Yet, these phases serve different purposes when valves and regulators are compared.
While sealing around a port in an SV Directional Control Valve, full flow is directed between the port of a ShearFlo® rotor and seal ring. Once transitioned to sealing on a blind face, flow is blocked for this specific port.

Conversely, in a KR Pressure Regulator flow is blocked when a ShearFlo® seal ring is sealing around a port of the ShearFlo® flow plate. Upon decrease in downstream pressure, the seal ring transitions to sealing on a blind face of the flow plate to allow full flow from the supply port of the flow plate into the KR body and exits the outlet.
To learn more about the operation throughout each phase, please visit our KR Pressure Regulators: System Integration Guidelines, Operation and Troubleshooting page.

Shearflo technology diagram

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