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Our Team and History

PacSeal Hydraulics is a diverse team of talented professionals devoted to engineering and manufacturing high-performance, durable and reliable fluid power control components.

Founded in 1987, the company has evolved from a small engineering services firm to a high-output manufacturing organization. Our progressive and experimental development process consistently enhances our existing products and yields better solutions for controlling high-pressure fluid in critical conditions. We examine, correct and fine-tune our products with state-of-the-art manufacturing and materials. To us, a leak proof and contaminant resistant hydraulic control component represents premium craftsmanship perfected piece by piece.



Our facility includes engineering, sales and administrative offices; warehousing of in-process and finished goods; shipping/receiving; inspection; assembly; and testing. Each process is a quality assurance hold point subjected to strict inspection criteria. All finished assemblies are thoroughly examined, tested and serialized before shipment. PacSeal Hydraulics has maintained ISO 9001:2015 quality assurance certification since 2004.

assembling hydraulic cylinders


PacSeal Building


We build our standard products for stock to ensure the fastest possible deliveries. We also work with a dedicated network of suppliers based solely in the USA to provide the turnaround and quality that customers need. Located in Southern California within the world’s largest and most diversified manufacturing and transportation network, PacSeal achieves efficiencies of scale unattainable anywhere else.

Contact PacSeal Hydraulics at (714) 529-9495 today to outfit your needs with our standard products or a custom solution specific to your hydraulic control system.

PacSeal Hydraulics

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