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Industries Served

For over 30 years, PacSeal’s hydraulic control components have been specified globally in numerous industries and applications due to our leak proof and contaminant resistant designs that outlive any other element within the same control system.

hydraulic cranes




BOP Control Units

PacSeal Hydraulics’ components are found worldwide for blowout preventer (BOP) control systems for onshore and offshore drilling and production. Our competitive prices, short lead times, and high-quality American manufacturing have made our products the industry standard.

BOP control unit


Ocean faring vessels

Other Applications

  • Koomey-style BOP Control Systems
  • ROV Subsea Panels
  • Marine Deck Equipment
  • Offshore Topside and Subsea
  • Frac Valve Control Units
  • Geothermal Drilling
  • Process and Pilot Valve Actuators: Petrochemical, Pulp and Paper, Power
  • Plants, Wastewater Treatment
  • Pipeline Valve Actuators
  • Mining
  • Rubber-Molding Presses
  • High-Pressure Testing and Test Stands
  • Steel Mills, Rolling Mills and Foundries
  • Pipe Facing and Beveling Machines
  • High-Pressure Clamping, Crimping and Torqueing
  • Accumulator Circuits
  • Mobile Trailer and Transportation Equipment
  • Hydraulic Testing Units and Systems
  • Machine Tools
  • Train Railway Equipment
  • Sewer Maintenance Equipment

PacSeal Hydraulics

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