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Product Comparison - SVX vs. Bracket Mounted Cylinder Actuators

As the world advances and grows so does technology. Engineering has allowed us to perform energy intensive duties with greater ease. It is no secret that the Oil and Gas industry is rapidly making the transition from manually operating functions in a hazardous environment to remotely from a climate-controlled room with less hands and labor… Read More

Guidelines for how to properly size a KR to an SV

PacSeal Hydraulics offers six different SV directional control valve sizes (SV-12, SV-25, SV-50, SV-100, SV-150, and SV-200) and eight different KR pressure regulator sizes (KR-12, KR-38, KR-75, KR-100, KR-140, KR-150, KR-175, and KR-200). As you can see below in Table 1 and Table 2, there is some overlap. In plain terms, the KR-38 can work… Read More

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