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PacSeal Hydraulics offers various accessories to all SV directional control valves to improve the value and efficiency of a hydraulic control system. The SV pin lock detent kit can easily be mounted to a valve to increase safety and prevent accidental shifting. Bracket mounted actuators are easy to assemble to an existing SV valve to create remote operation. To enhance the user interface and have visual knowledge of a valve’s position, simply fasten a nameplate with the valve’s existing hardware.

PacSeal understands that nothing lasts forever, which is why we provide OEM repair kits and maintenance instructions for all of our directional control valves.

SV Valve Accessories

SV Pin Lock Detent Kits

PacSeal Hydraulics’ patent-pending SV pin lock detent kit is the best solution for preventing accidental valve shifting and ensuring two-handed operation. To shift the valve, the operator must use their other hand to pull the spring-loaded plunger up, then release it when in the new position.

Replacing the existing manual operator parts with the pin lock detent kit requires only a small adjustable wrench. See the SV with Pin Lock Detent Kit page of the respective Valve Specifications document for installation instructions.

Valve Size Pin Lock Detent Kit Part No.
SV-25 40-3762
SV-50 40-3739
SV-100 40-3639
SV-150 40-3639

Bracket Mounted Actuators

PacSeal’s hydraulic and OEM pneumatic cylinder actuators are the ideal products for converting the operation of SV directional control valves from manual to remote with easy-to-assemble bracket kits. The cylinder actuators can be ordered individually, with a bracket kit or assembled to the valve. Please visit our Bracket Mounted Actuators page for more information.


Adding a nameplate to an SV valve is the best way to know the valve’s position when in the field. Fastening to a valve is simple: Just remove the two bolts on the pressure side of the valve, place the nameplate atop the valve and then reinsert the bolts through the nameplate and the valve.

Nameplates may be ordered separately or fastened to the valve/actuator assembly. To order the nameplate preassembled to a valve, please visit the SV Directional Control Valve page and use the model configurator to select the nameplate add-on with the applicable code.

Ideal for general use, blank nameplates show whether the valve is in the open or close position. Available for SV-50, SV-100 and SV-150 Valves.

SV Blank Nameplates (Code – 0) Valve Size Part Number
SV-50 40-2250
SV-100 40-0694
SV-150 40-2552
Blank Nameplate

Other nameplate options for the SV-100 valves display the valve’s open and close positions and function (e.g. pipe ram, shear ram, choke line, etc.).

SV-100 Nameplates Part No. Nameplate Code
40-0694 Blank 0
40-2485 Blank (Manifold)* 0
40-0440 Pipe Ram 1
40-0441 Shear Ram 2
40-0442 Blind Ram 3
40-0443 Annular 4
40-0444 Choke Line 5
40-0445 Kill Line 6
40-0446 Hi-Lo Bypass 7
40-0693 HCR 8
40-0891 Flow Line 9

*Ideal for tighter spacing on a manifold

SV-100 Nameplates

SV Valve Repair Kits

PacSeal Hydraulics’ repair kits are OEM and made in the USA, while all ShearFlo® components must conform to our strict inspection criteria to ensure trouble-free performance in the field after replacement.

The repair kits are offered for all SV directional control valves in four different configurations: O-ring kit, seal kit, minor repair kit and major repair kit. The following table specifies the contents of each kit. Part numbers for each repair kit and rotor type may be found further down the page.

For installation instructions and more details, please see the respective valve’s maintenance instructions.

For SVS and SVT repair kits, please contact PacSeal Hydraulics.

Repair Kit Type Contents
O-ring Kit O-rings and Back-up Rings
Seal Kit O-ring Kit, Seal Rings and Wave Springs
Minor Repair Kit Seal Kit and Rotor
Major Repair Kit Minor Repair Kit, Thrust Washers and Ball Bearings


SV-25 Repair Kits

Kit Description Kit Part Numbers by Rotor Type
Selector Manipulator Bypass
O-ring Kit 40-1850
Seal Kit 40-1515
Minor Repair Kit 40-1514 40-1622 40-1778
Major Repair Kit 40-1513 40-1542 40-1779

SV-50 Repair Kits

Kit Description Kit Part Numbers by Rotor Type
Selector Manipulator Bypass
O-ring Kit 40-1851
Seal Kit 40-1538
Minor Repair Kit 40-1544 40-1619 40-1776
Major Repair Kit 40-1543 40-1569 40-1777

SV-100 Repair Kits

Kit Description Kit Part Numbers by Rotor Type
Rated Pressure [psi] Selector Manipulator Bypass Dual Pressure
O-ring Kit 3000 40-1852 40-1853
6000 40-1854 N/A
Seal Kit 3000 40-1512 40-1533
6000 40-1797 N/A
Minor Repair Kit 3000 40-1511 40-1554 40-1539 40-1687
6000 40-1798 40-1799 40-1800 N/A
Major Repair Kit 3000 40-1510 40-1576 40-1577 40-1688
6000 40-1801 40-1802 40-1803 N/A

SV-150 Repair Kits

Kit Description Kit Part Numbers by Rotor Type
Rated Pressure [psi] Selector Manipulator Bypass Open Center Dual Pressure
O-ring Kit 3000 40-2239 40-2239 40-2239 40-2239 40-1750
5000 psi, Water Glycol1 40-2239 40-2239 40-2239 40-2239 N/A
3000 psi, Old Style2 40-1749 40-1749 40-1749 N/A N/A
Seal Kit 3000 40-2219 40-2219 40-2219 40-2219 40-1534
5000 psi, Water Glycol1 40-3482 40-3482 40-3482 40-3482 N/A
3000 psi, Old Style2 40-1537 40-1537 40-1537 N/A N/A
Minor Repair Kit 3000 40-2220 40-2222 40-2224 40-2226 40-1704
5000 psi, Water Glycol1 Contact PacSeal
3000 psi, Old Style2 40-1559 40-1561 40-1766 N/A N/A
Major Repair Kit 3000 40-2221 40-2223 40-2225 40-2227 40-1816
5000 psi, Water Glycol1 Contact PacSeal
3000 psi, Old Style2 40-1558 40-1560 40-1767 N/A N/A
1Water glycol or other water-based fluid at 5000 psi requires special alloy seal rings.
2Old style valves are no longer built because of change in body design to provide low-torque operation.


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