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PacSeal Hydraulics offers various accessories for all KR pressure regulators to improve the value and performance of a hydraulic control system. For remote operations, see our failsafe actuators. To improve the deadband for higher-regulated outlet pressures, see our high-pressure low deadband adjustment head. To reduce your hydraulic control system footprint and overall costs, see our internal override bypass options.

PacSeal also provides tamper-proof kits to ensure that only qualified personnel can adjust the regulator setting.

PacSeal understands that nothing lasts forever, which is why we provide OEM repair kits and maintenance instructions for all of our pressure regulators.

KR Accessories

Failsafe Actuators

Failsafe actuators provide air or hydraulic remote operation with a manual override. Upon loss of pilot signal, there is no loss of regulated outlet pressure.

Purchase as an actuator assembly using the stated below Part No. or as assembled to a regulator by specifying the operator type as “FSA” (air) or “FSH” (hydraulic) in the respective model number configurator.

If you are a returning customer you may notice new part numbers and fewer options. PacSeal has redesigned all KR (air, hydraulic, etc.) failsafe actuators to be universally operated at all rated pressures while better matching the output pressure of the manual operator. For more detailed information, check out our blog.

Model Description Part No. Input Requirements Regulated Outlet Model Codes
Failsafe Air, Standard 40-3963 80-130 psi air pressure2 L, R, D, V
Failsafe Air, High Output1 40-4280 80-130 psi air pressure2 H, W
Failsafe Hydraulic 40-4255 1500 psi hydraulic pressure (maximum) L, R, D, V
Failsafe Hydraulic, High Output1 40-4284 1500 psi hydraulic pressure (maximum) H, W
1Required for high-pressure outlet (model H and W)
2Actuator may require greater than 80 psi  at high regulated outlet pressures, depending on the age and condition of the motor and the circuit supplying the compressed air.

High-Pressure Output Adjustment Head

This adjustment head yields better precision for higher-pressure operation with the option of a manual or failsafe actuator.
Existing PacSeal Hydraulics KR pressure regulators may be field-retrofitted (“L” and “D” KR’s only) or ordered as assembled to a regulator (model code “H” or “W”).

Part No. Model Description
40-2927 Adjustment Head Assembly
40-4280 Failsafe Air Actuator
40-4284 Failsafe Hydraulic Actuator
40-3558 Manual Operator
Retrofit/Installation Instructions
Notes: Applicable only to KR-75, -140, -150, and -200 regulators

Model code information when ordered as a regulator assembly

Model Supply Pressure [psi] Regulated Outlet Pressure [psi] Deadband [psi]
H 5000 350 – 3300 85 – 150
W 6000 600 – 5000 150 – 250

Internal Override Bypass

The KR Internal Override (I/O) Bypass Operator* allows full accumulator pressure to be supplied downstream of the regulator without a dedicated 4-way bypass valve in the circuit. This reduces costs, space requirements and circuit piping while enhancing the intelligence of the hydraulic circuit.

The bypass function is accomplished by applying a pilot signal to the I/O operator that is equal to or greater than the accumulator pressure. The pilot pressure forces the piston/seal container assembly to the fully open position where supply pressure flows through the regulator to the output circuit. Relieving the pilot signal allows the regulator to return to the original set pressure.

*Patent pending

Click on blue link to download drawing

Part No. Model Description
40-3147 Internal Override Remote Pilot Operation
40-3463 Internal Override with manifold mounted pilot valve
40-3561 Internal Override with manifold mounted, remote actuated pilot valve

Tamper Proof Kits

To prevent the regulated output pressure from being changed to a preset value, a KR pressure regulator may be transformed in the field with a tamper-proof conversion kit. To request a quote, specify Part No. 40-3175 with description.

KR Repair Kits

Repair kits are offered for all KR pressure regulators in four different configurations: O-ring Kit, Seal Kit, Minor Repair Kit and Major Repair Kit. The table on the right specifies the contents of each kit. Part numbers for each repair kit may be found below.

For installation instructions and more details, please see the respective regulator’s maintenance instructions.

If your specific repair kit is not listed in the tables below, please contact PacSeal Hydraulics.

Repair Kit Type Contents
O-ring Kit O-rings and Back-up Rings
Seal Kit O-ring Kit, Seal Rings, Springs and Screws
Minor Repair Kit Seal Kit and Flow Plates
Major Repair Kit Minor Repair Kit and Seal Container


KR-12 Repair Kits

Kit Description Kit Part No.
O-ring Kit 40-1548
Seal Kit 40-1668
Minor Repair Kit 40-1653
Major Repair Kit 40-1547

KR-38 Repair Kits

Kit Description Kit Part No.
O-ring Kit 40-1595
Seal Kit 40-1594
Minor Repair Kit 40-1593
Major Repair Kit 40-1592

KR-75 Repair Kits

Kit Description Kit Part No.
O-ring Kit 40-1504
Seal Kit 40-1590
Minor Repair Kit 40-1503
Major Repair Kit (R/V models) 40-1566
Major Repair Kit (L/D/H/G Models) 40-1819

KR-100 Repair Kits

Kit Description Kit Part No.
O-ring Kit 40-1506
Seal Kit 40-1589
Minor Repair Kit 40-1505
Major Repair Kit 40-1556

KR-140 Repair Kits

Kit Description Kit Part No.
O-ring Kit 40-1866
Seal Kit 40-1867
Minor Repair Kit 40-1868
Major Repair Kit (R/V models) 40-1869
Major Repair Kit (L/D/H/G models) 40-1870

KR-150 Repair Kits

Kit Description Kit Part No.
O-ring Kit 40-1540
Seal Kit 40-1568
Minor Repair Kit 40-1541
Major Repair Kit 40-1686

KR-200 Repair Kits

Kit Description Kit Part No.
O-ring Kit 40-2267
Seal Kit 40-2266
Minor Repair Kit 40-2265
Major Repair Kit 40-2264

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