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PRODUCT UPDATE: Obtain Greater Regulated Output Range with the Universal KR Failsafe Actuator

If you have experimented with the regulated output range between the manual and the failsafe actuator operators, perhaps you have noticed that one can achieve a much higher output than the other. Perhaps you have been confused about whether you should buy the “HP” or the “LP” version to achieve your BOP control system’s pressure range. Well today you can forget about all of that because we have officially released our Universal Failsafe Actuator for KR Pressure Regulators.

What is it?

The Universal KR Failsafe (KRFS) actuators provide air or hydraulic remote operation (depending on FSA or FSH) with a manual override. Upon loss of pilot signal, there is no loss of regulated outlet pressure. This one actuator can achieve as high and low of output pressures as our manual operator so that you no longer will have to decide between the HP and LP version to satisfy your hydraulic circuit.

What has changed?

Other than better performance and greater output range you will notice that the new actuator is taller (by a mere 2”). Additionally, the handle will now be able to extend over 2-1/2” taller than the original model, which accounts for the higher and lower regulated output. So, before you replace the old actuator, please ensure that your hydraulic system’s envelope will provide up to three more inches of room.

Okay great, so how do I make sure to buy the right one?

While our spec sheets and website are updated to only show the universal actuator, you can also use the following table to ensure you order the updated model. We will no longer be offering the old style, so if you mistakenly order the old one then we will simply ask you to revise your PO with the new part number. We will of course ensure that the right part number is ordered before we issue the order confirmation.

Old Part No. Old Description New Part No. New Description
40-1564 Actuator KR FSA LP 40-3963 Actuator KR FSA Universal
40-1649 Actuator KR FSA HP
40-1641 Actuator KR-75 FSH LP 40-4255 Actuator KR FSH Universal
40-1650 Actuator KR-12/100/150 FSH HP
40-3557 Actuator KR FSH HP High Output 40-4284 Actuator KR FSH Universal High Output
40-3756 Actuator KR FSA HP High Output 40-4280 Actuator KR FSA Universal High Output
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