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PRODUCT BULLETIN: SV-150 Directional Control Valve and Kit Selection and Identification

Explanation of Low Torque Operation

In 2012, we modified the SV-150, 4-way valve to lower the shifting torque. This allows operation at elevated working pressures. The high torque became an issue with current Shear-Ram-Boosters when operating at 3000 psi hydraulic pressure and 80 psi minimum air pilot, which was marginal with a 4” actuator cylinder mounted on the old SV-150. The operating torque at 3000 psi has been reduced to 42 ft-lbs from 130 ft-lbs for the selector and manipulator, and reduced to 100 ft-lbs from 160 ft-lbs for the bypass. This improvement also allows the SV-150 to be rated at 5000 psi if required.

Below, in Table 1, you will find the typical working operations and capabilities for each SV-150 rotor configuration.

Spare Parts and Repair Kits

Only the body and seal rings have been changed. The old seal rings are compatible with the new body, but the new seal rings are NOT compatible with the old body.

The old valve part numbers (shown in Table 2) are now obsolete and replaced by those shown in Table 3. The old repair kits and seal rings will continue to be manufactured and supplied to support existing valves in the field. The old SV-150 valves can be converted to the improved model by replacing the body and seal rings.

For future identification, the new valve part numbers will be stamped on the side of the body. Additionally, a dimple is machined into the bottom of the body for quick reference (as shown in Figure 1).

Table 1 – Typical Working Operations and Capabilities

Rotor Working Pressure (psi) Torque


Selector 3000 42
Selector 5000 54
Manipulator 3000 42
Bypass (3-pos.) 3000 54
Open Center 3000 42
Open Center 5000 54

1 Cylinder size is based on rod end force with 1” maximum rod diameter and minimum torque-arm of one inch.

Table 2 – Old Repair Kit Part Numbers (standard service at 1500 psi)

(Kits are still available for existing product)

Major Repair Kit Minor Repair Kit Seal Kit O-ring Kit2
Selector 40-1558 40-1559 40-1537 40-1749
Manipulator 40-1560 40-1561 40-1537 40-1749
Bypass 40-1767 40-1766 40-1537 40-1749
Open Center NR NR 40-1537 40-1749

2 O-ring kit includes six back-up rings

Table 3 – New Repair Kit Part Numbers (standard service at 3000 psi)

Major Repair Kit Minor Repair Kit Seal Kit O-ring Kit3
Selector 40-2221 40-2220 40-2219 40-2239
Manipulator 40-2223 40-2222 40-2219 40-2239
Bypass 40-2225 40-2224 40-2219 40-2239
Open Center 40-2227 40-2226 40-2219 40-2239

3 O-ring kit includes three back-up rings

Table 3 – New Valve and Kit Part Numbers (water glycol service rated to 5000 psi)

Major Repair Kit Minor Repair Kit Seal Kit O-ring Kit3
Selector 40-4002 40-4003 40-3482 40-2239
Manipulator 40-3945 40-3786 40-3482 40-2239
Bypass 40-4602 40-3787 40-3482 40-2239
Open Center Contact PacSeal Contact PacSeal 40-3482 40-2239

3 O-ring kit includes three back-up rings

Figure 1 – Identification of New Low Torque Design

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