KR Hydraulic Pressure Regulators

Pacseal Hydraulics, Inc.



  • ShearFlo® sealing technology ensures high cycle life for critical service applications

    even in contaminated fluids.

  • Hardened stainless steel sealing elements are lapped and polished to exacting standards of

    finish and flatness which produces a leak proof, contaminant resistant

    metal-to-metal seal.

  • The sealing elements are spring preloaded and pressure energized which maintains

    contact between the two sealing surfaces causing continuous lapping during use

    which eliminates small scratches.



Adjustment handle can be threaded in to increase or out to decrease compression on the spring and thus on the regulated outlet pressure.

Failsafe Air or Hydraulic Motor Drive with Manual Override:

This option provides remote operation with a manual override. Upon loss of pilot signal, there is no loss of regulated outlet pressure.

Hydraulic Pilot:

A remote, variable hydraulic signal operates on a piston with a 1:1 ratio which allows for the most precisely controlled outlet pressures of all options. A safety concern, loss of hydraulic pilot pressure will result in the outlet venting to tank.

Air Diaphragm:

A remote, variable air signal operates on a rubber diaphragm to regulate outlet pressure. A safety concern, loss of air pilot pressure will result in the outlet venting to tank.