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Conventional (tubing) control valve manifold headers combine a common supply to multiple control valves from a single pressure source. This dramatically reduces a hydraulic circuit’s footprint, labor time and costs while eliminating leak points caused by excess fittings and hardware.

The number of valve ports range from two to eight. Custom valve port quantity and spacing options may be configured upon request. Other ports are included for accessories such as pressure gauges and bleed valves. The standard material is seamless carbon steel tubing; stainless steel is also available by special request. Available options are for 1” valves (SV-100), but we can easily configure a manifold for any valve size that you specify.



  • Made in the USA
  • Valve port quantities range from 2 to 8
  • Material is seamless carbon steel tubing (stainless steel available by special request)
  • Customization is available


1 in. Valve (SV-100) Manifold
Pressure Rating 6000 psi
Material Seamless tube AISI 1026 (stainless steel available by special request)
Valve Ports 1 in. NPT on 16 in. centers
End Ports 1 in. NPT
Bleed Port 1/2 in. NPT 90° from valve port
Top (Bypass) Port 1 in. NPT
Gauge Port 1/4 in. NPT on center with bleed port
1 in. Valve Manifold
Part No. No. of Ports Length Weight
40-0979 2 20.0 in. 23 lb.
40-0431 3 40.4 in. 47 lb.
40-0432 4 56.4 in. 66 lb.
40-0433 5 72.4 in. 85 lb.
40-0434 6 88.8 in. 104 lb.
40-0435 7 104.4 in. 122 lb.
40-0436 8 120.4 in. 141 lb.


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