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PacSeal Hydraulics’ KR pressure regulators are designed with ShearFlo® metal-to-metal sealing technology to ensure high cycle life and negligible internal leakage with superior contaminant resistance, making these valves perfectly suited for critical service applications in harsh and hazardous environments.

KR regulators serve as pressure reducing and regulating valves to maintain downstream hydraulic system pressure at a desired value (set pressure) that is below that of the supply pressure. All pressure regulators are factory acceptance tested to guarantee conformance of the rated regulated outlet pressure. PacSeal’s ShearFlo® technology further provides high reliability and long service life.

The outlet pressure is controlled by modulating the compression of springs that act on a pressurized piston either manually or with a failsafe motor. This in turn balances the hydraulic load inside the regulator body for an accurate and consistent set pressure.

Available sizes range from 1/8” to 2” (NPT, SAE ORB, Code 61 or Code 62).

If you find yourself wondering how to properly pair a KR to a manifold of SV directional control valves, then please see our blog that provides guidelines to size these products together for your desired flow rate and pipe size.

View information for system integration guidelines, operation and troubleshooting.

Accessories and repair kits are offered for all KR Pressure Regulators. For replacement parts, download the pressure regulator’s respective spec sheet and request a quote online or call PacSeal today; while referencing the part number, description, and quantity.


  • Made in the USA
  • ShearFlo®sealing technology ensures a high cycle life and anti-wear design that is suitable for critical service applications, including contaminated fluids with high flow rates.
  • An essentially zero leak, contaminant resistant metal-to-metal seal for the valve is accomplished by lapping and polishing hardened stainless steel sealing elements to exacting standards of finish and flatness.
  • The sealing elements are spring preloaded and pressure energized, which maintains contact between the two sealing surfaces at all times to prevent contaminants from causing leaks and damage.
  • Movement between the sealing surfaces maintains the lapped, flat surface to ensure a long life that renews with use.
  • All KR pressure regulators are tested to PacSeal’s strict quality control standards for proper function and reliability.
  • Every ShearFlo sealing component in a repair kit is inspected to ensure trouble-free performance after field maintenance and repair.


  • Oil and Gas Production and Drilling
  • BOP Control Units
  • Accumulator Circuits
  • Frac Valve Control Units

Operator Options

  • Manual Adjustment Handle can be rotated in or out to increase or decrease compression on the adjustment springs and thus on the regulated outlet pressure.
  • Failsafe Air or Hydraulic Motor provides remote operation with manual override. Upon loss of pilot signal, there is no loss of regulated outlet pressure.
  • High Pressure Low Deadband adjustment head yields better precision at a higher pressure with the option of a Manual or Failsafe Air/Hydraulic operator.
  • Hydraulic Pilot yields the most precisely controlled outlet pressure because the remote, variable hydraulic signal operates on a piston with a 1:1 ratio.
  • Internal Override Bypass allows full hydraulic system pressure to be supplied downstream to the regulator without a dedicated 4-way bypass valve in the circuit.




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