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pressure transmitter


The PacSeal Hydraulics hydra-pneumatic pressure transmitter converts hydraulic pressure to a proportional air pressure signal that may be displayed on a remote control panel.

The KT-3600 transmitter utilizes a piston/diaphragm mechanism that is persistent, accurate and exceptionally rugged, as well as easy to adjust. In contrast with the fragile bourdon tube transmitter, this makes it ideal for hazardous and critical service environments.


  • Made in the USA
  • Converts hydraulic pressure to a proportional air pressure signal in a 100:1 ratio, which is read from a “false reading” receiver gauge on the remote control panel.
  • Utilizes a rugged piston/diaphragm mechanism that requires minimal adjustment and has more-consistent accuracy than the fragile bourdon tube transmitter.
  • Does not require an air regulator for supply.


  • BOP Control Units
  • Frac Valve Control Units
  • Remote Hydraulic Control Systems
  • Remote Control of Rubber Presses
  • Remote Control of Process Valve Actuators

Ordering Information

To receive pricing, simply call PacSeal or use our Request a Quote tool.

Transmitter Part No. Air Pressure Rating Dial Reading Receiver Gauge Part No.
40-1768 0-30 psi 0-3000 psi 40-0965
0-60 psi 0-6000 psi 40-0966
0-100 psi 0-10,000 psi 40-0967

PacSeal Hydraulics

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