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PacSeal Hydraulics’ hard seat relief valves are used in hydraulic control systems to protect the downstream circuit from over-pressurization* by a pump. Contrary to soft seated relief valves, they are metal seated for improved reliability and longevity in severe service conditions.

The relief valves are also factory set for a specified cracking pressure (i.e. set pressure). When inlet pressure is reduced by 25% of set pressure, the relief valve reseals. The set pressure may be specified custom or standard ranging from 1250 to 5500 psi. Test reports may be supplied if requested.

The relief valve can be purchased as standard with an adjustable set pressure or as tamper proof to inhibit readjustment in the field.

*A relief valve is a last-resort safety device and is not intended to be used as a pressure reducing or regulating valve.


  • Made in the USA
  • The sealing components are hardened stainless steel to endure contaminated fluids at high pressure and with high flow velocity.
  • Zinc-plated carbon steel body will withstand corrosive environments.


Inlet Port Male 3/4 in. NPT
Outlet Port Female 3/4 in. NPT
Cv 2.0
Rated Flow 15 GPM
Temperature Rating -65° to 250°F
Pressure Rating 1250 to 5500 psi
Seat and Ball Hardened Stainless Steel
Ball Guide Stainless Steel
Body and Thread Guard Zinc-Plated Carbon Steel
Spring Steel
O-ring Nitrile



  • Oil and Gas Production and Drilling
  • BOP Control Units
  • Frac Valve Controls
  • Accumulator Circuits
  • Steel Mills, Rolling Mills and Foundries
  • Hydraulic Circuits

Ordering Information

Model No. Part No. Working Pressure (psi) Set Pressure (psi)
RV-1250 40-2133 1000 1250
RV-1750 40-1647 1500 1750
RV-2250 40-1865 2000 2250
RV-3300 40-1646 3000 3300
RV-3500 40-2197 3250 3500
RV-5500 40-1648 5000 5500

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