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The ShearFlo® SV-12 directional control valve ensures negligible internal leakage and contaminant resistant operation for 1/8” piping. Its modular design allows for various operator and porting options to suit numerous high-pressure critical service applications. The current operator options are standard manual and spring centered. For remote operator options, reach out today for a custom tailored solution.

The manifold mount option has been designed to be compatible with the D03 pattern. This is advantageous to use existing manifolds for replacement of other D03 congruent valves. PacSeal is also a specialist in manufacturing custom hydraulic manifolds, which decrease overall costs, assembly time, footprint, and leak points, while increasing flow rate potential and ease of maintenance. Check out our options of integral control valve manifolds to see the possibilities with designing your next hydraulic control system.



Port Size 1/8” Manifold Ported
Working Pressure (Liquid) 3000 or 5000 psi
Working Pressure (Gas) 2000 or 4000 psi
Return Port Pressure 250 psi (Max)1
Proof Pressure 1.5X Working Pressure
Burst Pressure 2X Working Pressure
Cv .34
Rated Flow 3.75 GPM
Temperature Rating -40 to 250°F
Fluid Media Hydraulic Oil or Lubricated Water2
ShearFlo® Sealing Components Hardened Stainless Steel2
Shaft Stainless Steel
Body Stainless Steel
Housing Carbon Steel
Handle, Detent Disc, Spacers and Hardware Plated Carbon Steel
O-rings Buna-N, Viton or EPR
Backup Rings Teflon
1Full rated return port pressure is possible with All Blocked Rotor.

2For water-based media, special alloy seal rings may be required for optimum performance and durability. Contact PacSeal Hydraulics at (714) 529-9495 for details.


Model Configurator and Ordering Instructions

Use the below configurator to create a model number for an SV-12 Directional Control Valve (i.e. 3000 psi rated, 1/8” NPT Inline Ported, Selector Rotor with 3-position Standard Manual Handle and Buna-N O-rings is: SV12-1N3ISS1MN). To receive pricing, simply call PacSeal or use our Request a Quote tool. Please note that because this is a new model size for PacSeal Hydraulics, most configurations are not in stock and lead times may vary. 

Detailed information regarding each option is shown in SV-12 Valve SpecificationsFor repair kits and other accessories, see links below.




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