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The SVT series valves are engineered to withstand saltwater spray inherent in deck-mounted marine applications. The advantages of ShearFlo® technology are included to ensure zero leak and contamination resistant operation. Reliability and high performance are mandatory when working around the natural world’s most corrosive environment.

If our product specifications do not meet your application, contact PacSeal today for customization.


  • Made in the USA
  • Corrosion resistant external components and sealed housing protect the operator components from saltwater spray.
  • ShearFlo® sealing technology ensures a high cycle life and anti-wear design that is suitable for critical service applications, including contaminated fluids with high flow rates.
  • An essentially zero leak, contaminant resistant metal-to-metal seal for the valve is accomplished by lapping and polishing hardened stainless steel sealing elements to exacting standards of finish and flatness.
  • The sealing elements are spring preloaded and pressure energized, which maintains contact between the two sealing surfaces at all times to prevent contaminants from causing leaks.
  • Movement between the sealing surfaces maintains the lapped, flat surface to ensure a long life that renews with use.
  • Standard rotor configurations yield lubricated shifting with fluid interflow that is drained to tank through the constantly open return port.
  • All SV valves are tested to PacSeal’s strict quality control standards to ensure proper function and reliability.
  • Every ShearFlo sealing component in a repair kit is inspected to ensure trouble-free performance after field maintenance and repair.


  • Marine Deck Equipment
  • Offshore Oil Drilling and Production
  • Offshore Topside and Splash Zone Service
  • Offshore BOP Control System


Performance Specifications


SVT-25 SVT-50 SVT-100 SVT-150
Cv .95 3.2 9.2 21.0
Rated Flow (gpm) 10 30 75 180
Working Pressure (psi) 3000/6000 3000/6000 3000/6000 3000
Proof Pressure 1.5x Working Pressure
Burst Pressure 2x Working Pressure
Temperature Rating -40 to 250°F
Fluid Media Hydraulic Oil or Lubricated Water2
Ports (SAE ORB) 1/4″ (#4) 1/2″ (#8) 1″ (#16) 1-1/2″ (#24)
Port Location1 Bottom Bottom Bottom Bottom
1Custom porting and location options are available.

2For water-based media, special alloy seal rings may be required for optimum performance and durability. Contact PacSeal Hydraulics at (714) 529-9495 for details.

Material Specifications

Material Specifications
External components exposed to sea water 316 SS
Internal sealing components Hardened Stainless Steel2
Internal non-sealing components Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Bronze
O-rings Buna-N, Viton or EPR
Back-up Rings Teflon
1For water-based media, special alloy seal rings may be required for optimum performance and durability. Contact PacSeal Hydraulics at (714) 529-9495 for details.

Model Configurator and Ordering Instructions

ordering information


Installation drawings indicated in blue are available for download.

Models in table below are by special order. Contact PacSeal Hydraulics for availability and specific requirements.

Part # Model # Rotor Flow Handle
40-1899 SVT25-3M3SN Manipulator Spring Center
40-1882 SVT25-3O3SN Open Center Spring Center
40-2776 SVT25-3A1MN All-Blocked Special Handle
40-4158 SVT100-3O1MV Open Center Manual Handle

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