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Pressure gauge


Complete your accumulator circuit with accessories designed to be compatible with PacSeal Hydraulics’ accumulators. Parts can be ordered separately or grouped in an assembly, as detailed in Table 1 below.

If all accessories are needed, the best option is the Charging and Gauging Assembly that includes the Gauging Head Assembly and Hose Assembly. To protect accessories for mobile and portable applications, PacSeal Hydraulics offers a waterproof and durable carrying case with a cubed foam bottom for easy customization.

Assembly tools and fixtures are shown in Table 2 below.

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Accumulator Accessory Components

Table 1. Components can be ordered separately or combined in an assembly. Inclusions are shown with “X.”

Components Charging &
Gauging Ass’y (Standard)
Charging &
Gauging Ass’y
(Top Repairable)
Gauging Head
Ass’y (Standard)
Gauging Head
Ass’y (Top
Hose Ass’y
Part No. 40-1618 40-1844 40-1828 40-1829 40-1884
40-0947 Air Chuck X X X X
40-0654 Adapter X X X X
40-0985 Gauge, 0-3000 psi X X X X
50-0292 Tank Valve X X X X
40-0961 Bleed Valve X X X X
40-0986 Swivel Connector X X X
40-0879 Hose X X X
50-0278 Coupler X X X
50-0233 Nut X X X
50-0234 Gland X X X
40-0987 Adapter for Top Repairable X X
40-2682 Carrying Case

Pressure gauge assembly

Gauging Head Assembly

Pressure gauge hose

Hose Assembly

Pressure gauge carrying case

Carrying Case (12) is waterproof and durable with a cubed foam bottom for easy customizing for additional tools

Accumulator Assembly Tools and Fixtures

Table 2. Displayed tools and fixtures are guaranteed to reduce labor costs by easing the assembly process. Available spec sheets are displayed in blue.

actuator tools

Item No. Part No. Description
1 50-0231 Spanner Wrench
2 40-0805 Pull Rod
3 50-0289 Core Repair Tool
4 40-1821 Accumulator U-Bolt Assembly
N/A 40-1871 Header Manifold U-Bolt Assembly
N/A 40-1885 Valve Manifold U-Bolt Assembly
N/A 40-1325 Mounting Bracket – Double Bolt Clamp
5 40-1326 Mounting Bracket – Base Bracket

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