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manifold with valves


Hydraulic manifolds consolidate components for singular fluid distribution and minimize labor, fittings, and excess circuitry. The alternative to using a manifold is to plumb all hydraulic components individually in a manner consistent with the circuit. Individual plumbing leads to more leak and failure points and greater complexity, downtime, and labor and maintenance costs. Consolidating hydraulic components into a manifold reduces space, pressure drop, assembly and troubleshooting time, leak points and fittings.

PacSeal Hydraulics provides various manifold options for diverse applications.

hydraulic manifold valves

Integral Control Valve Manifolds

Integral Control Valve Manifolds are the most sophisticated and space-saving option available. This compact design combines all ports from valves, regulators, sensors, gauges, etc. into one preassembled, tested package.

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manifold valves cutaway

Conventional Control Valve Manifolds

Conventional Control Valve Manifolds combine the pressure ports of an array of directional control valves. Available in various lengths to accommodate porting and spacing options.

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pressure tanks

Accumulator Manifolds

Accumulator Manifolds join the fluid end of multiple bladder accumulator bottles to a common hydraulic source. Available in various lengths to accommodate porting and spacing options.

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pipe fitting

Manifold and Piping Accessories

Manifold Accessories such as bulkhead fittings, U-bolt assemblies and pipe nipples provide a practical solution for connecting components without welding.

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