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The ShearFlo® SV-150 directional control valve ensures negligible internal leakage and contaminant resistant operation for 1-1/2” piping. Its modular design allows for various operator and porting options to suit numerous high-pressure and high flow rate, critical service applications.

The SVX valve with integral actuator* is recommended for reliable remote and long-term cost saving applications in need of a compact footprint. The SVX shares all the benefits and replaceable ShearFlo® sealing components as the SV valve but is integrated with a rack and pinion style actuator with double-acting pistons. Actuation type may be configured for air or hydraulic that is direct or solenoid piloted in 2 or 3 positions or spring centered. For remotely operated hydraulic control systems demanding a small footprint with minimal labor, the patented PacSeal integral control valve manifold can easily be fitted with the SVX.

For SVX-150’s released after September, 2023, there are now four panel mounting holes located on the top surface of the actuator body. Please reference the SV-150 specifications sheet for dimensioning and more information.

Can’t decide which valve actuator is best for your application? Then, please check out our blog that compares the SVX to the conventional bracket mounted cylinder actuators.


*USA Patent #9587454


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Port Size 1-1/2 in. NPT or SAE ORB
Working Pressure (Liquid) 3000 or 5000 psi
Working Pressure (Gas) 2000 or 4000 psi
Return Port Pressure 250 psi (Max)1
Proof Pressure 1.5X Working Pressure
Burst Pressure 2X Working Pressure
Cv 21.0
Rated Flow 180 GPM
Temperature Rating -40 to 250°F
Fluid Media Hydraulic Oil or Lubricated Water2
ShearFlo® Sealing Components Hardened Stainless Steel2
Shaft Stainless Steel
Body Stainless Steel
Housing Carbon Steel
Handle, Detent Disc, Spacers and Hardware Plated Carbon Steel
O-rings Buna-N, Viton or EPR
Backup Rings Teflon
1Full rated return port pressure is possible with All Blocked Rotor.

2For water-based media, special alloy seal rings may be required for optimum performance and durability. Contact PacSeal Hydraulics at (714) 529-9495 for details.

Model Configurator and Ordering Instructions

Use the below configurator to create a model number for an SV-150 Directional Control Valve (i.e.  3000 psi rated, 1-1/2” NPT Inline Ported, Selector Rotor SV-150 with 2-position 90° integral air actuator is SVX150-12N3IS2ASN). To receive pricing, simply call PacSeal or use our Request a Quote tool.

Detailed information regarding each option is shown in SV-150 Valve Specifications (link below). For repair kits and other accessories, see links below. If you have an older control system with an SV-150 that predates 2012, then please see our blog that explains the product update along with compatible repair kits for all models.

*Common Part Numbers for Reference
Part No. Basic Description Model No. Replaces
40-2207 Selector 3 Pos., Inline Ported, 1-1/2 NPT, 3000 psi rated, Remote SV150-12N3ILS1RN 40-1527
40-2102 Selector 3 Pos., Inline Ported, 1-1/2 NPT, 5000 psi rated, Remote SV150-12N5ILS1RN
40-2400 Selector 3 Pos., Inline Ported, #24 SAE, 3000 psi rated, Remote SV150-12S3ILS1RN
40-2233 Manipulator 3 Pos., Inline Ported, 1-1/2 NPT, 3000 psi rated, Remote SV150-12N3ILM1RN 40-1662
40-2208 Bypass 3 Pos., Inline Ported, 1-1/2 NPT, 3000 psi rated, Remote SV150-12N3ILB1RN 40-2134
40-2450 Bypass 3 Pos., Inline Ported, #24 SAE, 3000 psi rated, Remote SV150-12S3ILB1RN 40-2024
40-2234 Open Center 3 Pos., Inline Ported, 1-1/2 NPT, 3000 psi rated, Remote SV150-12N3ILO1RN
40-2218 Open Center 3 Pos., Inline Ported, 1-1/2 NPT, 5000 psi rated, Remote SV150-12N5ILO1RN
*Note: These part numbers are the most commonly purchased and are displayed for reference only. Other models may be configured as requested.  

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