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The system allows control of remote functions from a single location (i.e. drill floor or other). The manually operated air valves are mounted in a panel and are individually labeled which provides quick identification of each function. The remote control panel is connected to the Blow Out Preventer hydraulic control unit by an air cable assembly for control of each function by one actuator. Hydraulic pressures sensed by a KT-3600 Transmitter are returned through the air cable and indicated on receiver (false reading) gauges mounted on the panel.


Integral valve manifold and fixed plate ready for installation in a new or existing panel box. Mates with existing air cable assemblies. Eliminates costly labor and material expense associated with indivdual tubing runs. Unique spool valve design allows long and reliable service life. Optional position indicators can be added directly to panel with no modification.

*USA Patent #9587454


Pressure transmitters convert hydraulic pressure to a proportional air pressure signal which is read on the remote control panel. The KT-3600 Transmitter utilizes a piston/diaphragm mechanism which is both rugged and easily adjusted. This unit is better adapted to oilfield conditions than the fragile bourdon tube transmitter. It is easier to adjust and has more consistent accuracy.


The Air Interconnect Cable assembly carries the signal from the Air Remote Panel to the valve actuator system and the pressure transmitters. The cable assembly consists of a cable bundle of 3/8" or 1/4" O.D. polyethylene air tubes sheathed in a PVC hose. There is a junction box installed on each end of the cable which contains the hose plate that mates with the fixed plates mounted on the control panel and control unit.