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Micro Air Remote Panel


PacSeal Hydraulics’ air remote control panels* integrate a manifold with multiple spool valves that may be toggled with color-coded buttons on the panel. The modular design mates with existing air cable assemblies and panel boxes to retrofit existing pneumatic remote control systems.

Air remote control panels are ideal for harsh, wet and hazardous environments because all components operate solely on compressed air rather than electricity, making the control system the safest available.

Pneumatic controls are also much easier to maintain and operate. They do not require a skilled electrician for safe wiring – only simple assembly knowledge is needed to integrate air cable assemblies with an air remote control panel.

*USA Patent #9587454







  • Made in the USA
  • Safe for harsh and hazardous environments.
  • Modular valve manifold and fixed plate may be installed in a new or existing panel box.
  • Mates with existing air/pneumatic cable
  • Compact design allows for smaller, more portable air remote control panel assembly to be constructed.
  • Manifolds are shipped already assembled and tested, greatly reducing tubing and assembly costs.
  • Unique spool valve design produces a long and reliable service life.
  • Ease of maintenance – only two screws attach the valves to the manifold while all tubing may stay connected.
  • Available in 3–12 stations (6–24 functions).
  • Modular design allows for various connection types between panel and air cable, with gasket or threaded (NPT or SAE).
  • Optional position indicators, lockout devices, label kits and nameplates may be added directly to the panel with no needed modification.


  • BOP Control Units
  • Frac Valve Control Units
  • Remote Hydraulic Control Systems
  • Remote Control of Rubber Presses
  • Remote Control of Process Valve Actuators

Drawings & Ordering Information

Please see “General Tabulated Data” for sizing and general information regarding all possible air remote stations. The remaining data sheets (indicated below in blue) present installation and assembly information for complete air remote control panels with an included air cable assembly.

To receive pricing, simply call PacSeal or use our Request a Quote tool.

Data Sheets Stations Air Cable Sizes
General Tabulated Data N/A N/A
42-0114 4-Station #6 or #8 Air Cable
42-0116 6-Station #12 Air Cable
42-0117 9-Station #16 or #19 Air Cable
42-0118 12-Station #19 or #24 Air Cable

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