*USA Patent #9587454

  • Integral valve manifold and fixed plate, ready for installation in a new or existing panel box.
  • Mates with existing air cable assemblies.
  • Allows smaller more portable panel to be constructed.
  • Manifolds are supplied assembled and tested giving considerable cost reduction in tubing

    and assembly costs.

  • Unique Spool Valve design allows long and reliable service life.
  • Ease of maintenance, only two screws attach the valves to the manifold. No tubing has

    to be disconnected.

  • Available in 3-function (#6 tube cable) thru 12-function (#24 tube cable) sizes.
  • Optional position indicators can be added directly to panel with no modification.


Micro Air Remote Control Panel

Panel Size
(No. of Stations)
Air Cable
(No. of Tubes)
4 6 & 8
6 12
9 16 & 19
12 19 & 24
Namesplates and Push Button Lockout