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Air remote


Air remote control systems allow operation of various pneumatic functions from a single location. In contrast to electric controls, pneumatic controls are a reliable and cost-effective solution for greater safety and convenience in hazardous environments.

Working with pneumatics carries no risk of electrocution or arcing, which gives total safety in explosive environments. Assembly and maintenance require only basic knowledge.

PacSeal Hydraulics’ air remote control products include the control panel, hydra-pneumatic pressure transmitter, air cable assembly and shuttle valve. The remote control panel is connected to the hydraulic control unit by an air cable assembly (or hard-plumbed from the back of the panel manifold), which controls all pneumatic functions with only one actuator.

The air pressure signal is proportionally converted from a hydraulic pressure by the hydra-pneumatic pressure transmitter, which is displayed on a receiver gauge of the control panel. If more than one control panel is desired, use of shuttle valves will ensure that each panel is synchronized.

master air valve controller

Air Remote Control Panels

The air remote control panel’s modular design allows for installation in a new or existing panel box and mates with existing air cable assemblies. The reliable, durable spool valves operate with color-coded buttons and have unique nameplates to display the downstream functions.

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air remote manifold

Air Cable Assembly

The air interconnect cable assembly carries the pneumatic signal from the air remote control panel to the valve actuator system and the hydra-pneumatic pressure transmitters. The cable assembly consists of a cable bundle of 3/8″ or 1/4″ O.D. polyethylene air tubes sheathed in a PVC hose. A junction box is installed on each end of the cable, which contains the hose plate that mates with the fixed plates mounted on the control panel and control unit. The air cable bundle eliminates costly labor and material expenses associated with individual tubing runs.

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pressure transmitter

Hydra-Pneumatic Pressure Transmitter (KT-3600)

Hydra-pneumatic pressure transmitters convert hydraulic pressure to a proportional air pressure signal that is displayed on the remote control panel. The KT-3600 transmitter utilizes a unique piston and diaphragm mechanism that is persistent, rugged and accurate, as well as easily adjustable. This makes it better adapted than the fragile bourdon tube transmitter to hazardous and critical service environments.

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Shuttle Valve (40-1643)

The shuttle valve is used for synchronizing multiple pneumatic control systems. The brass valve is rated for 150 psi air pressure, with 1/4” NPT porting. To receive pricing, simply call PacSeal or use our Request a Quote tool while referencing the part number.

Shuttle Valve 40-1643 Installation Drawing





  • BOP Control Units
  • Frac Valve Control Units
  • Remote Hydraulic Control Systems
  • Remote Control of Rubber Presses
  • Remote Control of Process Valve Actuators
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