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PacSeal Hydraulics’ rotary SV directional control valves are designed with ShearFlo® metal-to-metal sealing technology to ensure high cycle life and negligible internal leakage with superior contaminant resistance, making these valves perfectly suited for critical service applications in harsh and hazardous environments.

Fluid flow is directed to either one or two cylinder ports, based on the selected rotor and detent combination. There are five available sizes based on the porting diameter ranging from 1/8” to 1-1/2” (NPT or SAE). The directional control valves may be purchased as 3-way or 4-way, 2-position, 3-position, or 4-position.

Various manual actuation options range from standard, locking pin, to spring centered. The remote actuation options (hydraulic or pneumatic) are either the bracket mounted cylinder or the integral SVX rack and pinion rotary actuator. The latter has greater capabilities and higher performance, but see for yourself in the product comparison blog.

For subsea and topside/splash zone applications, see our SVS and SVT options.

Every component of all control valve sizes are manufactured in the USA. While each directional control valve that leaves our facility is inspected, tested, and serialized to ensure optimum performance for your hydraulic control system. When we do receive feedback from our customers, it is to report their utter surprise for the hundreds of thousands of cycles they are able to achieve with no problems.

The footprint and complexity of a hydraulic control system may dramatically be reduced with PacSeal Hydraulics’ patented integral manifold.

Accessories and repair kits are offered for all SV valves. For replacement parts, download the valve’s respective spec sheet and request a quote online or call PacSeal today

Surface and Industrial Applications

Ocean Service

Accessories and Repair Kits


  • Made in the USA
  • ShearFlo® sealing technology ensures a high cycle life and anti-wear design that is suitable for critical service applications, including contaminated fluids with high flow rates.
  • An essentially zero leak, contaminant resistant metal-to-metal seal for the valve is accomplished by lapping and polishing hardened stainless steel sealing elements to exacting standards of finish and flatness.
  • The sealing elements are spring preloaded and pressure energized, which maintains contact between the two sealing surfaces at all times to prevent contaminants from causing leaks and damage.
  • Movement between the sealing surfaces maintains the lapped, flat surface to ensure a long life that renews with use.
  • Standard rotor configurations yield lubricated shifting with fluid interflow that is drained to tank through the constantly open return port.
  • All SV valves are tested to PacSeal’s strict quality control standards to ensure proper function and reliability.
  • Every ShearFlo sealing component in a repair kit is inspected to ensure trouble-free performance after field maintenance and repair.
  • Guaranteed as the most dependable directional control valve on the market that will outlast every other component in your hydraulic control system.
  • Specified by the best and most trusted BOP (Blow Out Preventer) unit builders all over the world.


  • Land-based and offshore oil and gas drilling controls
  • BOP Frac Valve Controls
  • BOP control units
  • Accumulator Circuits
  • Subsea ROV Panels
  • Mobile Equipment
  • Machine Tools
  • Marine Controls and Deck Equipment
  • Paper mill controls
  • Steel Mills
  • Test Systems
  • Pipe Line and Process Valve Actuators
  • High Pressure Clamping, Crimping and Torqueing
  • Workover rigs
  • Rubber Molding Presses
  • Refineries and chemical processing plants
  • Grease injection equipment
  • Hydraulic based industrial applications
  • Hydraulic power units
  • Hydraulic presses


Manual Operation


90° detent available in 2- or 3-position operation.
45° detent available in 2-position operation.
Spring centered 3-position operator returns to center after valve shift.
Pin lock detent 3-position operator prevents accidental valve shifting.


Remote Operation


SVX integral actuator guarantees low power consumption with the greatest performance available for 2- or 3-position air, hydraulic or spring centered operation.
Bracket mounted air or hydraulic cylinder for 2 or 3-position actuation.


Body Porting Options


Inline (side) and bottom ported available with NPT or SAE threaded ports.

NPT or SAE inline (side) porting
NPT or SAE bottom porting

Subplate and manifold mounted configurations have O-ring face seals for manifold interfacing

Manifold porting with O-ring face seals
Subplate porting with O-ring face seals


Rotor Flow Pattern Options

Rotor Config. Center Position CW or CCW Position
Manipulator1 Cylinder ports return to tank and pressure port is blocked Operates a cylinder port while the opposite port is returned to tank
Selector2 Return port is open while cylinder and pressure ports are blocked Operates a cylinder port while the opposite port is returned to tank
Bypass Return port is open while cylinder and pressure ports are blocked Operates a cylinder port while the opposite port is blocked
Open Center Cylinder ports are blocked while pressure and return ports are connected Operates a cylinder port while the opposite port is returned to tank
All Blocked3 All ports blocked – case drain required Operates a cylinder port while the opposite port is returned to tank
Return Center3 Ports flow to tank Operates a cylinder port while the opposite port is returned to tank
Crossover3 Pressure and both cylinder ports are connected Operates a cylinder port while the opposite port is drained to tank
Dual Pressure3 Two pressure sources are selectable for a single cylinder port. The tank return position connects the cylinder port to the always open return. The fourth position blocks the pressure and cylinder ports. The primary application is for a single operating cylinder as is used in a rubber molding press with a gravity return for opening the press.
1Also known as “Motor Spool” valve in the fluid power industry. 
2Also known as “All Blocked” valve in the fluid power industry.
3Not a normally stocked item. Check with PacSeal Hydraulics for availability.


flow pattern diagrams

Valve Shift Options

Detent Pattern Rotor Options
3-Position (4-way) All options
2-Position 90° (4-way) All options
2-Position 45° CW or CCW (3-way) Selector, Manipulator, Open Center
4-Position (4-way) Dual Pressure
PacSeal Hydraulics

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